My Holidays

On my first week I didn’t really do much, but there was some exciting news I was waiting for. I got accepted to be a Melbourne Victory Ball boy for 2016/17. I have to do the A-League(Men’s), W-League(Women’s), and The Youth Team. After that I could not stop thinking about it and I really wanted to tell my friends.


The rest of the days on Week 1 I just watched movies. Then Week 2 came and I couldn’t wait until Friday because that was the day I set off to Canberra. I didn’t really do anything on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday but then it got to Friday. I was so excited to go so I got ready, packed my bags.


We went up to the driveway and saw my Aunt And Uncle and my cousins that are 7 and 3 yrs old. I was really excited to get there but not the road trip which was a 7 and a half hour drive.


When we finally got there I ran straight in the hotel and me and my family signed in and went up to the room. As We opened the door I ran straight in and jumped on one of the beds. We were staying on the 4th floor(there were 6 floors) so I went to have a look down stairs and the view was amazing.


Then we went downstairs to have dinner with my family. Then we went back up to our room and went to sleep. I then woke up and had to get ready for a wedding. It went until 5:30pm in the morning from 1:30am. Then we the next day we went sightseeing to go and have a look what was in canberra. We went to Parliament house, A war memorial and by time we were finished with that everything else was closed.


We were going to go to a Mint but we didn’t have any time because it had closed. So we just ended up going to an Italian Restaurant and In got pizza. Then we got back to the Hotel and me and My brother went to the gym for an Hour. I went on the treadmill, the speed bike, a walking machine, lifted some weights, worked on my calves, thighs  and upper body and then went back to our room.
Then all of the adults went down stairs to get some drinks by the fire pit. Then I came down  stairs with them and had some juice because I wasn’t allowed any alcoholic drinks. Then we went to sleep and had to pack up and head for the road to come back to Melbourne. We had some KFC on the way back and eventually got home and went to bed. Then I woke up came to school and I now I am reading this. That was the what I did on my Holidays.