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May 2016

When Do I Encounter Static Eletricity

These Are Some Times I encounter Static Electricity-  Putting On Clothes For Socker Rubbing Socks On The Carpet When I bounce On The Trampoline Getting Out Of The Car That is about it so thank you for reading.

Prime Numbers And Composite Numbers 📖

This Is My ToonDoos For My Math Today. It Was About Prime Numbers And Composite Number. I hope you enjoy it and learn something from it.

Week 9 SBC- What Makes A Good Blog Post💻

I think that the writing in a blog post is a major edit error for a blogger, I know from experience but it is a major edit error that people can see when they read your post. Also you can… Continue Reading →

Life Below Water

Week 5 SBC Using Images And Sounds 📢

This week for the student blogging challenge and I picked activity 11 which is create a jigsaw from your image. This idea came from Mrs. Schmidt’s class. This is MCG, it is famous in Melbourne for it’s big capacity and… Continue Reading →

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was born in a town called Ulm, Kingdom of  Mürttemberg,German Empire. He was born on 14th of March 1879 but unfortunately he died on the 18th of April 1955. He lived to the age of 76 which is… Continue Reading →

Week 7 Blogging challenge

Monopoly Invented In=1933 Inventor=Elizabeth Magie First Sold By= Parker Brothers Cost Of Monopoly=$39 Board Type=Square Players=8 Fun= 7/10  

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