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March 2016

My Buddy Peter

Buddy’s favorite … is Super Hero=Hulk Food=Fairy Bread Colour=Orange Animal=Tiger Sport=Jumping on the trampoline Book=Animal Books Toy=Power Ranger Toys   His … Is Age=5 Name=Peter Buddy=Angelo And Zach Best Friend= Ken and Xavier  

Story Teller

There once was a boy named Zach, and he was very poor he did not have anything to eat and had some ragged old clothes and ripped pants. He had socks and only I shoe and was sleeping in the… Continue Reading →

What Makes A Good Presentation?

        Google Slide Organisation Good words Good Information 7 or more slides Dot points Pictures Sentences to make sense Correct grammar Good questions Bibliography References Sub and main questions Don’t waist time on fancy fonts, good colors and you need to… Continue Reading →

What Makes Good Cue Cards?

                 CUE CARDS A good cue card looks is very explicit of what you’re saying and it has to make sense It has to be can has to be organised and marked so you don’t get confused It should be small… Continue Reading →

Sleep ��📴��

The Light of technology affects our sleep and if we don’t get enough sleep we will forget important things, Not do well in school work and and concentration. I don’t go on my electronics before bed but instead I go… Continue Reading →

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