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November 2015

Raising Awareness For Global Goal #14

At school we have been researching Global Goals and my Goal is Life Under Water. We need to achieve this goal by 2030. I am raising awareness for this Goal by doing things on my blog about it. Learn more… Continue Reading →

Writing Narrative-The Walk

Once there was a boy named Julian who lived in Italy and he was an ordinary boy that just went to school and did his work like any other kid would. One day he and his family went to the… Continue Reading →


There was once a little boy called Harrison and he was 2 years old with a bigger brother named Mark and he was 11 and they had so much fun together. They would always play together and and copy each… Continue Reading →

Stewardship Of Creation

The Environment issue I feel strond about is Stewardship Of Creation.We have to care for our common home because their can be some serious changes to the earth.God has given us a chance to share and live together and I… Continue Reading →

School Concert

On the 29/10/15 our whole of our school had our school production or School Play and it was called Beyond The Autumn Mist. We were all very very excited to go on stage and dance to our songs which are Ring Ring by Abba and Shut up and dance with me by… Continue Reading →

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