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September 2015

Math Term 3

This Term we have been learning about Algebra and B.O.D.M.A.S and what it stands for, E.G Brackets Order Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction I also learnt that a letter can be a number in maths like 20x=40 and then X would… Continue Reading →

Mini-Fair Day

On the 11/9/15 all of my school had as mini fair and it was 9:00-11:00am and there was so many fun things and stuff to be sold. My class was running the Yummy, and healthy food section and I was… Continue Reading →

Concrete and Shape Poem

-It is a poem that means conveyed through it’s shape or pattern -It is also called a shape poem -Topic,Write poem,Draw shape of your poem,Fill shape with text,and Erase outline.

Couplets and Triplets

-it is a simple writing poem -they can be very long if you want them to be -The couplet comes from France -Couplet means 2 pieces of Iron -A triplet is also rhymhing -it is just like a couplet  … Continue Reading →


-the person who invented quatrain poem was Henric Piccardt -he invented it in 1672 -It exists in  ancient Greek,Ancient rome, and ancient China -There are 15 types of ways you can do it, AAAA,AABB,ABAB and ABBA… -The Quatrain is for… Continue Reading →

Lantern Poem

-uses descriptive language lantern                                  –doesn’t need to rhyme -it uses short syllables                        … Continue Reading →

List poem

-A list poem can be a list of items, people places or ideas -it involves repetition -it can include rhyme or not -A wrist poem can be any list                                                   Nike is a tick,                                                   Nike is white,                                                    Nike the point,                                                    and… Continue Reading →

Australian Heros

Today I learnt about some Australians that fought in the war. I learnt about Alec Campbell and that he was the last Australian to die in the ANZAC. He often spoke against the war. I learnt it from a website… Continue Reading →

Joshua Script

Script: Scene 1: Zac – When the people of Israel reached Jericho they saw that  the city gates were shut.   Jackson – The Lord said to Jericho It’s king and it’s people. Each day for six days make  procession… Continue Reading →


-it is has 4 lines -it is supported -it is similar to a quatrain poem -it is meant to be funny -it can have the name of a person -name comes from the last name comes from a british writer… Continue Reading →

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