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August 2015

Museum Population Graph

Country Of Origin Population England 172071 India 111787 China 93895 New Zealand 80236 Italy 76906 Vietnam 68295 Greece 49991 Isi Lanka 43992 For Math today my class did a spread sheet on population of countries in 20011. It was good… Continue Reading →

The Two Blacket

Today I read “My Two Blankets” and it was fascinating with the texture and the way the author wrote the book and the way the illustrator drew the pictures. I liked how  the author and illustrator made the book and the way you feel when you read the book. It… Continue Reading →

B.T.N Homelessness Review

  Today we watched a B.T.N Video and it taught me a lot. One student called fabio was once homeless and he had gotten help by people and he was in a music video.He dreams to be a movie director…. Continue Reading →

Inquiry(Immigration Museum)

On the 3rd of August all of the Seniors went to the Immigration Museum and it was really interesting.It was interesting how we learnt about the historical immigration objects that were used then and now. I also learnt about racism… Continue Reading →

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