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July 2015

The Island

It was a hot summer’s night and cars were revving and racing down the street. I was lying down in my warm bed and the house is very dark. I swipe my Ronaldo-like hair with my soft olive skin hand…. Continue Reading →

Sovereign Hill

Last Friday I woke up o a fresh and easy morning, the time was 6:00 and that was enough time to get ready and have breakfast so I could get to school at 7:00am In the morning!I got to school… Continue Reading →

Beauty and the Beast Play

​​Today all the Seniors went to the Beauty and the beast play by A high school.It was funny and very humorous. I  really enjoy it. A lot of people seemed to like it and my favorited part was when all… Continue Reading →

Wacky Web Tales

Today we did this for our writing lesson- Hooray! Summer is finally here, and that means we can go to the beach! Today, my family is going to Rome Beach, and I can bring a friend with me. I decide… Continue Reading →

My goals for this term

My main goal for this term is to get better at writing and to join my handwriting. My non based on school main goals were to do a Ronaldo Chop and to do a Around the world with the ball… Continue Reading →

What I am Expecting for Term 3

His Seniors, For Term 3 I am Looking forward to- *Sovereign hill gold rush *Digging up what we left in Grade1 *The challenges *The Sport Some questions for Term 3- *Why did the Aboriginals attack the Europeans *Why do the… Continue Reading →

Our New Inquiry

This term our new inquiry is Australian History, It is interesting so far and  I really like our groups that me and my friend are in. I have some good information and I think my presentation is going to turn… Continue Reading →

Homework(3 things I did on the Holiday)

Hi there, 3 things I did on my holiday, Hmmmmmm? I think I will start off like- On my holiday I went to this place called Padapipo, it has the best ice-cream. second thing I did was have my party… Continue Reading →

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