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May 2015

Homework Wordle

Today for homework I did the WORDLE project and what that is can be where you put any word in and it customizes it for you.

Confirmation Retreat!

Today on the 20/5/15 all of the Seniors went to Holy Cross Retreat Center Templestowe and we had the whole day with a man named Paul, he told us all about his trip in Africa. The first thing we had… Continue Reading →

Homework Punctuation

Full stops . A full stop is at the end of a sentence to Let reader have a breath and stop reading for a moment Capital letters ABC A capital letter is like A B C and it can be… Continue Reading →

Describing images

Brown hair that is smooth like silk Beast reflective glass’s that are bright yellow White fluffy fur that is like a cloud The snout of the dog is rough like leather Red collar tight around the dog like handcuffs around… Continue Reading →

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