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March 2015

Term 1

This term I learnt so much,  these are some subjects we learnt- -Math -Persuasive texts(Writing) -Spelling -PLT(Personal learning task) -Interschool sports -Sports -Art -Religion -Literacy -Inquiry -Homework   This Term was really fun with classmates and teachers, If I thought… Continue Reading →

My Last Entry

Hi Guys I found my old Last entry for last year, ENJOY- Dear Journal, My final Entry for 2014 so let me tell you about my great weekend, I’ll tell you about it- We went to Melbourne Vic vs Sydney… Continue Reading →

Great Barrier Reef

The worlds largest organism Coral CuttleFish Reef Sharks Manta Ray Logger Head  Turtle Tiger shark Clown fish Sea cucumber Snaper Black tip reef shark stone fish great white Gummy shark Dolphins Angler Fish Star fish Butterfly fish Cod fish Parrot… Continue Reading →

Picking a prayer

Hi guys, Today we are picking a country prayer and since I can’t do an italian prayer I picked a jewish one, and it goes like this-   Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha’olam Blessed are you, Lord, our God,… Continue Reading →

Blessing Prayer

Blessing Prayer Dear Lord, We Bless my family We Bless my friends We Bless everyone in the world We Bless all the homeless people And we bless schools so everyone can learn. Amen


Today we Did bird art where we had to find a bird and draw it on black paper and then either use crayons or pastel I used Crayons. I did the Kingfisher and it turned out alright, I think it… Continue Reading →

Persuasive Text-DISCUSSION

Title-Waves Of The Future Introduction-Waves, Western Australia has opened the first grid energy farm in the world. It was also just turned on, they put the buoy(Wave Generator) in the ocean because they knew that in the ocean there is… Continue Reading →


THE EASTER STORY It was the time of the passover and as I walked through the city gates I saw a man on his donkey. I didn’t take much notice but as he got closer to the city, people started… Continue Reading →

Twilight Sports

Hi again, On the 2/3/15 it was St’ Lukes twilight sports and at twilight spots there are ment to be 3 house colours Red,Green, and Blue. I’m in blue house and as an opening we all had to march in… Continue Reading →

Word smith

Stationary-Standing Still, Not moving Stationery-Writing materials, as pens, pencils, paper and envelopes. Variable-apt or liable to vary or change; changeable: variable weather; variable moods. Solution-The act of solving a problem Endothermic-Chemistry. noting or pertaining to a chemical change that is… Continue Reading →

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