On the holidays my, Mum,Dad,Anthony(Brother), and Monique(Sister) and I woke up to a Sunny day in bed. We got out of bed and got some Bacon, Eggs, Cheese, And Roles from the fridge and freezer. We went out side and fired up the B.B.Q so we could have some Bacon & eggs, so we cooked them and as we ate them in the Scorching heat we thought about going to the beach. But then I suggested going to the Motel near the beach that we always pass on the way to the beach it was called Bay Motel. Mum and Dad thought it was a good idea since it was across from the beach so we got the beach stuff booked it for two days and before you know it we were gone. It took 1 hour but we ended up making it there, Once we settled in to the Motel it was about 3:00pm so we couldn’t go to the beach.  As it got later and Dr. Phil ended for the 5th time it was about 5:00pm and we were getting hungry so mum looked were we could go. we ended up going to La Porchetta, I ate Chicken Nuggets, Monique ate a small Margaret pizza, Anthony ate a Medium Caprichosa with mum, And dad ate a Really spicy pizza. then we got out of there and Oliver(my Friend) was in Dromana too because his Dad’s Mum and Dad lived there and they asked us to come over, It was 7:00pm and still Sunny so we decided to go. As we walked in Mario(Oliver’s Dad) let us in and we stayed outside for a wile me and Oliver played soccer and by a wile i mean 4 hours. it got really dark and it was 11:00 pm so we ended up going walking to the Motel in the Dark and there were no lights on the road finally we reached the car and drove off to the Motel. The next day we got up at 7:00am and went to a Cafe called The Jet they sold clothes, so we got a table and ate, We ate and then we got to walk on the beach after we walked on the beach we decided to go back to the Motel and put our bathers on. So we went to the beach and we stayed there for one hour and then went back to the motel, after we had a shower we got dressed to have dinner. I’m not sure what we had for dinner but it was really good, after that we went to get some ice cream and as we were eating it there was a massive carnival and I didn’t know how I didn’t see it when we came in. So we went in and we met Oliver and his Family there so we had a chat and then played some games and went on some rides. After that it was 12:00 and the kids were getting tired. We went  back to the Motel and went to bed. The next morning we had to leave and it wasn’t  an good day, We had to get out of the Motel By 10:30 which was ok but when we woke up it was 9:30 so we got up and ran to pack up and we checked out just in time so we could go home without any breakfast.